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Entry #2

New art!

2010-05-31 13:10:28 by Fender-Bender

Look at my art please. Tell me how you like it.

New art!


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2010-05-31 15:59:04

Really simple but its sorta neat, it could be much more fluid perhaps adding more frames to the movement, then I'm sure it will look great. Do you have any other works?

(Updated ) Fender-Bender responds:

I have a few others. I used to be big into this, but alot of my older ones got deleted when i got a new computer.


2010-06-01 22:56:11

I'm sorry sir, but I'm not liking your forum signature pic very much. Too much Blackhawk and too little Shark! >:(

Fender-Bender responds:

This is false, the blackhawks do and always will own the sharks.


2010-06-21 08:45:54

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2010-11-07 01:29:34

Nice gif.

btw: Hawks are good, but hopefully Halak will lead St-Louis to the Finals.